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Created 4-Jun-13
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Night Shifting Series 2008 (work in progress)

When night falls and headlights turn on there is a sense of loneliness and isolation in suburbia. Businesses are closed or open but everything is deserted and dark. Every sense of life is nothing more then corporate symbols and empty industrial spaces. Due to the impact from job loss, home foreclosures, high gas prices, and business closings, suburbia has become more desolate and lifeless.

The only signs of life are night illuminations and abstract structures.

The suburbs of Detroit, Michigan were once thriving with commerce and economic opportunity which led to a development ‘boom’ creating strip malls, subdivisions, and industry. There is hope because the ‘lights are not out’ yet.
New Hudson Gas StationLone Neon StreakNeon MarkLubeMail boxesStrip Mall TunnelWhite CastleWixom Ford PlantJohnGas StructureMcD'sWixom MarketHIghway ViewWindow

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