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Created 25-May-15
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Joelle S. plays deep house and techno. She loves making people dance.
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B2B at Bossa Nova Civic ClubB2B- Joelle S. and Kellam MatthewsB2B // Joelle S. // Kellam MatthewsMay 21  Frendzone!Joelle S.B2B with Elle Dee and Joelle S.Elsewhere Rooftop Sept. 3Boss Nova Civic ClubDarkroom @ MoodRing BrooklynDarkRoom Party in Bushwick, BKHappy Hour DJ SetHappy Hour at BossaDjing Bossa Nova Civic ClubDJ Happy Hour SetVerbotenHappy Hour Party!

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Keywords:Brooklyn, Bushwick, DJ, Deep House, Detroit, Joelle S, Queer DJ, Techno